Cronin & Cronin Law Firm, PLLC practices exclusively in the areas of tax certiorari, condemnation, and consultation on buying or selling commercial properties. Our lawyers have successfully reduced the real estate taxes on thousands of cases. 

Commercial Property Types Represented

Office Buildings

Shopping Centers, Malls & Retail Locations

Restaurants & Catering Halls

Apartments, Condominiums, & Co-Ops

Marinas & Resorts

Hotels & Motels

Amusement Parks & Bowling Alleys

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Auto Dealerships & Car Washes

Industrial & Warehouse Buildings

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Self Storage Facilities

Our Services

Commercial Property Tax Reduction

Cronin & Cronin prides itself on personal service. Every property is given individual attention and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their rights are protected. Clients are kept abreast of the status of their action as well as any changes to NYS law which may affect them. Our high level of expertise, our commitment to our clients, and our sterling reputation have afforded us continued growth and success.

Cronin & Cronin has an expansive database making property evaluations both accurate and immediate. Our expertise in property valuation issues and our knowledge of market conditions and demographics help Cronin & Cronin to achieve successful results for our clients.

Consultation on Buying & Selling

For clients who are purchasing or developing a new property, Cronin & Cronin will provide tax estimates and assist in obtaining any exemptions for which our clients may be eligible. We will do a full analysis of the property based on the purchase price and determine if the property is entitled to a reduction in real estate taxes. If our client is selling their property, we will ensure that they receive any refund for the over-payment of taxes for those years the client did own the property.


We alert clients to any exemptions they may qualify for, such as New Construction Exemptions, as well as file the appropriate paperwork on their behalf. We work closely with the municipalities to ensure that these exemptions are implemented appropriately on the assessment roll and that our clients receive the full benefit of these exemptions.

IDA Property Taxes

Cronin & Cronin represents numerous Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) properties and has extensive knowledge regarding tax credits and PILOT agreements. We systematically review and monitor these cases to ensure that our clients receive the tax credits that they are entitled to within the term of their PILOT agreement.

Environmental Issues

Cronin & Cronin has also successfully reduced the assessments of various properties with environmental contamination. Properties that have contamination are sometimes grossly over-assessed due to an over-assessment in property value combined with the costs required to remediate the property. We analyze both facets of these cases and have had great success in obtaining our clients reductions.


Cronin & Cronin coordinates all efforts of the condemnation process, from obtaining the offer from the condemnor to evaluating the merits of the case and ensuring that our clients receive just compensation for the taking of their property. We do an extensive analysis of each case and, if appropriate, pursue an action to ensure that the property owner is fully compensated.

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